Spring is in the air…where do I begin?

City parks

Time to play outside!

It’s spring time and everyone is ready to get out and enjoy it, but where to begin? The days are not quite warm enough to make hiking with the family a fun-filled day. The snow, mud, and ice make getting out on public lands somewhat difficult without tearing up roads and vehicles. Everyone has had as much indoor fun as they can handle for awhile. How about checking out the local city parks? Pack a lunch and make it a fun family outing with a picnic.

The City of Powell has 10 parks that cover about 125 acres. There is a large variety of activities to entertain all age groups. Each park is unique. Make a goal to check out a new park each time you go out. You can also reserve spaces if you are looking for a fun place to have an outdoor gathering. For a complete list of parks, reservation information, and more, click here.

Cody has 20 parks as well as 9 miles of trails and developed pathways. Walking, biking, bird watching, outdoor sports, and playgrounds can be found throughout the city. They even boast a fully handicap accessible playground at Mentock Park. As we go into summer, concerts and outdoor events will abound. For more information on Cody parks, click here.