Plants & Animals of the Rockies


Sagebrush can be found in all shapes, sizes, and varieties throughout Wyoming. While you may hear people say things like, “Nothing but sagebrush as far as you can see”, those that understand our native range understand the importance of this plant in our ecosystem.

Big Sagebrush – Artemisia tridentata

This plant can get quite large, up to 13 feet tall, and provides habitat for over 100 bird species, in addition to a wide range of large game animals. For more information visit the Plant Guide found on the USDA Plants Database.

Silver Sagebrush – Artemisia cana

This is another sagebrush common in Wyoming. Like other sages, this one is tolerant to drought, grows in a variety of soils, and is highly resistant to fire and freezing temperatures. This variety has a smaller growth habit, and can be added to landscaping in many situations.

Fringed Sage – Artemisia frigida

This sagebrush goes by several names including Prairie Sagewort. This is a low-growing variety, and prefers colder areas. It can be used for foraging for some wildlife species. Want to learn more? Check out this Plant Guide.

Click here to download a Sagebrush Pocket Guide to take with you as you explore all Wyoming has to offer!