Real Estate Jargon You Need to Know

Associate licensee

A licensed real estate salesperson who is employed by or associated with the broker to perform brokerage activities on behalf of or for the broker.

Why do i need to know that?

A real estate agent cannot work in the state of Wyoming without either working for a broker or being a responsible broker in their own brokerage. Many REALTORS have a brokers license, however they still cannot do real estate transactions without being part of an active brokerage licensed through the Wyoming Real Estate Commission. This is why you will sometimes see multiple brokers listed in one real estate office. However, there can only be one designated ‘Responsible Broker’ in each office. This is the person that oversees the activities of the brokerage, and is responsible for all business transacted through the brokerage.

As you are shopping for a REALTOR, consider asking questions regarding the Responsible Broker to ensure this is a brokerage that will work for you.