Things I’ve Learned

In the last year, I have decided to get a Wyoming Real Estate License, and joined George Magargal’s team at Eagle Real Estate in Cody. I am very much enjoying this new career. I love helping people find properties that fit them just right, and I also enjoy helping people sell their homes when the time has come for them to make a change. I have learned a lot, and want to share some of that new-found wisdom with you.

  1. Both buyers and sellers should be represented in a real estate transaction. I enjoy working as a buyer’s agent because I am bound by ethics and law to look out for the buyer’s best interest. The really great part? Almost all listing agents offer a commission split to the buyer’s agent, which means the buyer doesn’t pay for being represented…the listing agent splits his commission with the buyer’s agent! So, as a buyer’s agent, I get to help people shop for and buy their dream home, and I don’t have to charge them for it! Win-Win!!
  2. Commission rates are negotiable. It says so right in every contract that is printed. Each brokerage will set a rate based on the cost of doing business. One of the great things about Eagle Real Estate is that we are franchise free. What is so good about that? Each franchise costs money to be a part of. By avoiding a franchise, we are saving on the cost of doing business, and that is reflected in our commission rate charged to sellers.
  3. Though there seems to be a lot of “For Sale” signs around the area, we are lacking good quality inventory that is move in ready at a price everyday people can afford. If you or anyone you know has considered selling a property, this may be a great time to give it a try. I have learned that taking the time to understand the details of a property, and working with the owner to find a listing price that is reasonable based on other sales in the area and current tax assessed value can help a property to sell quickly.
  4. There are a lot of things people simply don’t know about purchasing real estate, maintaining real estate, mortgages, contracts, information to find out before purchasing…the list goes on. In order to help people, I have created a website where information is housed. On that website, people can also sign up for a variety of newsletters, see what is happening in the area, and see my current listings.

I am happy to help people learn more and be prepared for their real estate transactions. If you have questions, please let me know. I am happy to help even if you are not buying or selling yet.