calculation-1874770_960_720Did you know that a REALTOR can be a great resource in helping you make a decision as to whether or not to sell your home? A REALTOR not only has a good understanding of the markets in your area, but they also have access to A LOT of data that can be very beneficial in making your decision. For instance, I can tell you that in the last 30 days there have been 22 homes sold in Cody. Presently, there are only 56 active residential listings in Cody. That means that if homes continue to sell at the current rate, and no more homes are added to the market, then there is only 2.5 months of ‘inventory’ in Cody. If you are on the fence about whether or not to sell, this kind of information may helpful in making your decision. The same types of information is available to buyers. Having a REALTOR that you regularly work with can help you as you make your home buying and selling decisions.

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