My Apsirations

aspirationsWhen was the last time that you had an enjoyable experience working with a salesman? Bring that time to mind. Can you think of the specific things that made that sales experience good for you? What was the atmosphere like? What did the salesman say or not say that made this a good experience for you? How did you feel after this interaction?

As you think about this good experience, let me describe what I think of as a good experience with a salesman. They are helpful and full of information, usually more than I really want, but I know they are knowledgeable and that is what counts for me. They made me feel like they understood that I had choices to make, and that they were going to be there with me providing information for me to make those choices. I never felt pushed or guilty for not buying that day. I felt like the salesman was looking out for my best interest with their knowledge and skill, but giving me the freedom to do what was best for me.

Why am I bringing up all of this? I feel it is valuable to be transparent in my beliefs and values and by doing so I can set and stick to standards for myself. I aspire to be a salesperson whom people feel they can trust. Someone that has plenty of knowledge, and yet knows my limits and is unafraid to do further investigating for my clients. I aim to be the kind of salesman that has the clients best interest at heart, not my own. I want clients to feel as though we can discuss anything, work together, and spend the time needed to help them find the right home, not just any home. In short, I hope to be the kind of salesperson that people seek out because I am easy to work with, easy to understand, reliable, and trustworthy. If that is the kind of salesperson you like to work with, I hope you will consider giving me a chance to fulfill my aspirations.

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